The IPCC's AR5

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The IPCC expects governments to invest huge sums of money to implement its recommendations, so where are the due diligence studies and cost/benefit analyses? Thanks to people like Christopher Monckton and Donna Laframboise's the right questions are finally being asked. The answers are seldom satisfactory.:
1. Who are the authors? Scientists, bureaucrats, activists or what?
2. Are there any respected scientists in appropriate fields whose views are being ignored?
3. Is the science convincing (= "Robust" in Climate Speak)?

Blaze of unwelcome light

Chapter 3 Freshwater

Chapter 4 Inland Water

Chapter 5 Coastal

Chapter 6 Ocean

Chapter 7 Food Security

Chapter 8 Urban Areas

Chapter 9 Rural Areas

Chapter 10 Key Economic Sectors

Chapter 11 Human Health

Chapter 12 Human Security

Livelihoods and Poverty

Chapter 14 Adaptation Options

Chapter 15 Adaptation Plans

Chapter 16 Adaptation Constraints

Chapter 17 Economics of Adaptation

Chapter 18 Attribution of Impacts

Chapter 19 Emergent Risks

Chapter 20 Sustainable Development

Chapter 21 Regional Context

Chapter 22 Africa

Chapter 23 Europe

Chapter 24 Asia

Chapter 25 Australasia

Chapter 26 North America

Chapter 27 Central and South America

Chapter 28 Polar Regions

Chapter 29 Small Islands

Chapter 30 Open Oceans